Only 1 more day to fund/vote for Space Skeletons In Outer Space on Threadless.
Use code WP2521when funding at get $5 off!
Get one of these for your mom, she would love it

Done! Glory days is currently scoring over at #threadless for the #incredibles challenge. Go take a look!


Ghost Bulb" by Luis Romero

According to Luis, lightbulbs are filled with glowing ghosts. So we have a question, Luis - where do the ghosts go when the light burns out?

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Space Skeletons In Outer Space is currently up for scoring/funding over at Threadless.

With funding you can pay for the design up front, if 50 people fund it then Threadless will screenprint the design and sell it, and you’ll be one of the first to have it. If we don’t hit the goal then you get your money back. Help me make this happen!

If you fund my design and use code: WP2521 on checkout you’ll receive $5 off! 

Space Skeletons In Outer Space is up for voting again at Threadless.
This time you can also fund the design. If 50 people fund it then it gets printed and you get not only my thanks but also your order before anyone else!
Use code WP2521 when funding this design and get $5 off your order!



No hats, no gum chewing, no running in the halls, no cell phones - sometimes, it feels like school is tryin’ to tread on your life, ya know? But school isn’t going to cramp your style is it, you rebel, you. We know that everyone needs to cut…

I made a new thing, you can go score it on Threadless right now!

We’re #1! #art (at Threadless HQ)

Threadless has an Incredibles challenge going on. I decided to try and channel the style from the concept art and the early posters from the movie and to challenge myself and try something different.
It was a pain in the ass at times but I’m quite happy with the outcome.
Head on over to Threadless to vote for it and don’t forget to share with your friends and stuff!